Williams Martini Racing, one of the Formula 1 racing team, introduced a new front wing design, last Saturday, in Austria. Likewise with competitors, Scuderia Ferrari. Page F1 official wrote, ‘new front wing Williams hasendplate in crooked (1). The previous section is vertical and straight. There is also an extra fin (2) to direct the flow of air to the outside of the wing, as well as the central vertical plate (3) that previously did not exist. Lastly, there are bent fins on the endplate (4). The previous section are straight.


While Ferrari designed the front wing end so that interesting facts and it looks different from the old. There is also a gap at the bottom of the endplate that allow air flow out more quickly. The plan, both teams will try out a new wing at the British Grand Prix, held at Silverstone this weekend. In addition to Ferrari and Williams, other teams are also often tested wings new front and rear in order to get maximum results. Last week, for example, McLaren test the new rear wing. While at the end of May, Williams has just tested the rear wings. The wings themselves are useful to improve the aerodynamics of the vehicle some time its like funny facts. With good aerodynamics, the vehicle can be sped up without any significant wind resistance. The wings are also useful to increase downforce and reduce drag.