Buying a new car must take into consideration the pros and cons, especially the resale price. Savvy shoppers should consider the last point as it relates to the cost of care for ownership. Reported by MarketWatch ,  top 10 the price of a new car can be assessed even if more expensive or economically can be known by calculating the resale price of five years thereafter. You also still profit when selling a used car .

Here’s a rough calculation, the average cost that you spend five years accounted for 40 percent of the depreciation of the vehicle. Details, overheads sure you spend to buy fuel by 25 percent, insurance 10 percent, and the cost of maintenance or repairs following a vehicle tax of 5 percent.


“If I tell the consumer’s one thing when the calculations when buying a car, the new price which may be higher (than similar cars in its segment) will be better for your finances in the next five years,” said Dan Ingle, Interesting facts Vice President of Valuation Vehicles for Kelley Blue Book.

This calculation is based on depreciation, fuel costs, insurance, and several other variables can affect the selling price of the new car itself. One example of a car with the new affordable selling prices and lower depreciation value which is a type of sub-compact.

For the price range of US $ 105 thousand or equivalent to Rp 1.37 billion, consisting of a segment car hatchback and city car ‘s value depreciation under US $ 30 thousand or approximately Rp 393.07 million for five years of use. Amazing Facts In other words, the difference between the price of the former  is not up 28.5 percent of the time the car was first purchased.