As planned, Xiaomi finally launched its latest smartphone called Mi 5s. At today’s launch, the company introduced two models at once, namely 5s Mi and Mi 5s Plus . Both of these smartphones will rival other flagship smartphones, like the iPhone 7 and others. So what is owned by Mi 5s


Xiaomi Mi 5s Announced, stretcher Snapdragon 821 & Ultrasonic Fingerprint Sensor

In the design of this smartphone brings design sebeneranya not much different from previous smartphones. If Xiaomi using 3D ceramic variant Mi 5, this time companies prefer metal. Besides no difficulty in producing it, it is also to reduce supply issues due to the difficulty of making body of ceramic material. But this top 10 smartphone technology  still has a curved 3D shapes on the side of the back is certainly more ergonomic.


Later there will be a choice of four colors, dark gray, silver, gold and rose gold. Body gets matte metal anodizing to give a unique look. At the front, this phone brings 2.5D glass, which gives the feel of a slightly curved.For the specifications, this smartphone brings the latest and fastest chipset from Qualcomm, the Snapdragon 821. For memory, there are two variants, namely RAM 3GB to 64GB of internal storage and RAM 4GB internal storage capacity of 128GB. Top 10 Technology Facts This smartphone uses UFS 2.0 high speed memory to provide amazing performance.To model the Mi 5s has a screen of 5:15 inches with Full HD 1080p resolution with brightness levels up to 600 nits.


Other features on this screen includes supporting the NTSC color gamut up to 95% and high color saturation. In addition, there will also Force Touch feature that supports pressure sensitivity is high but only present in models of 4GB RAM 128GB + ROM.For specification is no longer surprised when the smartphone is carrying on board hardware. However there are in the spotlight, namely ultrasonic fingerprint sensor technology from Qualcomm. This technology allows the sensor to be under glass, so it is not visible from our view. Additionally, these sensors also claims more quickly and accurately even sweaty or wet.