As you already know, Google Play Store currently has one million more applications that are filled with an incredible variety, from the category of software , entertainment applications to games ( games ) can be played both  online and offline ,

Still, a few Android users just download aplikasu popular in the Play Store like BBM or Youtube. The number of applications that exist, there are still many Android apps that should you try to install on your device.

Any such applications? Here’s his review of applications you do not use, but is in the Google Play Store:


1. Card Crawl

This application is a solitaire card game of risk and reward. Top 10 Technology Facts In this game, you have to be out of jail with the loot at once confronted with hordes of monsters.

Each round, you will be capable of holding four special cards can be used to fight the enemy in the gym.

Interestingly, when the games present some level that take longer to complete, at the gym every level will have been played in just 2 to 5 minutes.

2. Happify

At the time of application of the brain focuses on the mental abilities and IQ you, Happify more focused in developing your emotional intelligence.

Through a variety of simple games, quizzes, meditation, and other activities, aimed at strengthening the Happify your emotions like gratitude, empathy, giving and tranquility.

3. RetroArch

For those of you who like to play games-games legacy as the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) and Top 10 Facts about Health SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System), PSX, or the Atari 2600, this application can be chosen.

Unlike the application emulator  others who need to download the  emulator  that is different every time you want to play games, with RetroArch you do not have to download an emulator  other.