Chevrolet Trax is present in a unique way. Instead of to shake in the Crossover segment that is being crowded, this model comes with its own way. First, of the number of variants are offered.

Unlike the models of other crossover that delivers more than 3 variants for each model, Trax imported into Indonesia by PT General Motors Indonesia only in two variants, LT and LTZ. Both use one engine choice, the 1.4-liter turbo and simply paired with an automatic transmission.

Well, the difference between the two variants is buried features, such as a sunroof, advanced headunit, parking camera, and more. We also had time to test its highest variant comprehensively through roadtest session. This model is sold at a price of Rp 296 million (OTR Jakarta) or more expensive Rp 24 million of variants LT. Well before discussing more about pengendaraannya, we present first some hidden features that exist in Trax LTZ models.

Here are the features hidden in Trax.

1. Regulatory height of the lamp

auto headlamp TraxThis feature is one of important ornament which can be found on Trax. This feature is responsible for managing the direction elevation beam headlights on Trax. You would never be in a different situation in which direction the lights should be adjusted, well with this feature you do not need to be out of the car, opened the hood and set the lights manually because the existing motor system that can be set from the cabin. On Trax, there are three levels of height that can be adjusted depending on the user’s needs.

2. Central with Auto Dimming Rearview

When entering into the cabin Trax and will adjust the rearview, do not be surprised if no dimmer view mirror adjustment lever. Yes, the article rearview top 10 Interesting facts mirror Trax has been equipped with elektrokromatik will read the light intensity from the rear via a light sensor. So exposure to light from the vehicle behind you is considered distracting, it will dim the reflection in the rearview mirror. Unique, different from auto dimming feature in other models, no activation button on Trax. So it will be active at any time.

3. Heating cabins

Button controls on the dashboard TraxYou certainly familiar with this feature. This feature is often ‘left’ of imported cars sold in the country.Because of the temperature control system in a car that has four seasons would normally be left as is until he came to Indonesia. One of them is the Trax. But do not say this feature then of no use at all.When you drive up to the highlands such as Lembang, Dieng, Stone, this feature is useful for supplying the warm temperature inside the cabin.

4. Heating Spion

Heating in the rearviewWell one of these features may sound foreign to our ears. But actually there as well. Inasmuch as cabin heaters, heating view mirrors are also commonly available. This feature is useful to prevent condensation occurs in the rearview mirror. You certainly do not want to process impaired driving because of the water droplets embedded in the rearview mirror and not allow it to be cleaned manually because of heavy rains. This feature is useful for removing water from the rearview mirror.

5. Rear Foglamp

rear foglamp

Remember the second-generation Toyota Vios? Yes, there is a pair of lights at the bottom of the bumper that often flashes in unison with the rear fog lamp, even often be abused by users due to remain lit even though there was no rain or fog, nah, Trax has foglamp but with independent activation button.

This feature allows us to provide better lighting toward the rear of the car so vehicles behind can be more aware of our current vehicle position decreased visibility due to rain or fog.

6. Wiper Parking

Rear wiper on Trax, has a feature for top 10 interesting automobile facts of automatic activation when you’re parking. Along with the camera active, the wipers will sweep the water and dirt on the rear glass to ensure optimum visibility when parking.

7. Automatic Lamp

auto headlampThis feature is one of the important features in Trax. You would never see a vehicle that forget to turn on headlights when out of crowded places. Well, this feature can keep your vehicle with the most optimal lighting. Based on existing light sensor behind the rearview, the system will read the received light glass and enable or disable the lamp according to the intensity of light it receives.

8. Roof rail

sunroof TraxWant to going home and need space to carry more cargo and already have a roof box or roof rack? No need to fear if you are using facts about fun car Trax. Because Trax already have a railing that is integrated with the roof. So you no longer need to make modifications to the roof to install a roof box or roof rack.

9. Tiptronik

Automatic transmission tiptronikYou will probably find the automatic transmission lever Trax visible without any logo plus minus in the script that is located on the transmission position indicator. Because usually plus or minus sign in the presence of such section pointer automatic transmission’s ability to switch manually. Trax actually provide tiptronik selection that allows the driver’s gearshift commands. The trick is to move the gear lever to position M, then up scaled via the buttons at the head of the gear lever.