A tourist was threatened with imprisonment up to one year in Thailand , because he was caught red-handed garanya middle of feeding bread to the fish near ecologically sensitive coral reefs.

Reporting from News.com.au , Friday (24/02/2017), Top 10 Facts  the Russian woman named Olga Smirnova was tried in Thailand after the incident at the popular tourist spot Phuket .

The maximum penalty for violation of environmental laws are strict on the island is a year in prison, a fine of 3,700 Australian dollars, or about Rp 38 million or both.

Smirnova was detained at the district police station near Chalong, Phuket because he did not have enough money to make bail.

He was arrested by officers from the Phuket Department of Marine and Coastal Resources, which was doing a routine check for illegal activities on the island of Koh Racha Yai.

They say that Smirnova was feeding bread the fish near the reef. Activity was against the strict rules island environment and posters were installed throughout the travel region.

A spokesman for the Phuket Department of Marine and Coastal Resources said, they take a stand very firm about that one. He had to pay bail and remain in Thailand until his case is processed by the court.

An official at the Russian consulate said the consul has not received official notification of the arrest. But he added: “We managed to speak to officials at the police station where she was detained.”

“Russian citizens do not have the money needed to bail, Top 10 Amazing Facts so he was awaiting trial there.”

“Smirnova was charged with feeding the fish in prohibited areas or in areas with coral reefs,” the Russian official said.

News of the arrests  Smirnova  and its  consequences to be borne also published  Thailand Phuket News.

Earlier, a tourist China also fined due to the type of fish caught amid hunting parrotfish in Koh Racha Yai in Phuket last January.