Malaysia has no plans to sever diplomatic relations with North Korea (North Korea) even though tensions between the two countries continued to increase post-death of Kim Jong-nam, stepbrother North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un. Top 10  This was confirmed by Prime Minister Najib Razak.

Neighbor states already repel North Korean Ambassador Kang-chol after he refused to apologize for his accusations that Malaysia conspiring with foreign powers in the case of the death of Kim Jong-nam.

In return, North Korea prohibits villagers Malaysia out of its territory. The move sparked Kuala Lumpur to implement a similar ban.

“We are a country that is friendly to them,” he said as quoted by Channel News Asia, Wednesday (08/03/2017).

In addition, Najib also ensure the safety of 11 Malaysians were “held hostage” in the North. He explained that the company is trying to do exchanges with Pyongyang in order to delete a travel ban for citizens to one another.

“We did not choose to fight with them, but when the crime was committed, especially with the use of chemical weapons in Vietnam, hence our interest in protecting the interests of Malaysia,” said Najib.

So far, Malaysia believes that the North Korean passports man who died at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport on February 13, 2017 Kim Jong-nam is even on the travel documents are written as Kim Chol.

Kuala Lumpur had to do an autopsy and concluded that Kim Jong-Il’s son was killed by way of poisoning using VX nerve agent that the UN classified as weapons of mass destruction. Interesting Facts Two women from Vietnam and Indonesia are believed to be Swabs poison to the victim’s face had been arrested and were undergoing trial.

Meanwhile, a number of North Koreans are believed to be behind the death of Kim Jong-Nam still swing freely. Four of them allegedly managed to return to Pyongyang, while two more North Koreans are believed hiding in the North Korean embassy in Kuala Lumpur.

Following the diplomatic tensions between Pyongyang-Kuala Lumpur, the UN react. Multilateral organizations urged both countries to resolve their dispute through diplomatic efforts.