Children were playing on the field with their teacher in elementary school sebua in Oga, Japan , when the sirens suddenly sounded.

With cue, teachers and students took refuge on the ground and wait for further instructions.

“This is an exercise,”

“A missile had been launched.”

Moments later, all residents in the school rushed to the building of the athletic fields gymnastik.  Top 10 Facts They were joined by elderly volunteers who lined up next to children in a state of quiet sitting on the wooden floor.

This was Japan’s first evacuation drills to prepare scenarios missile attack North Korea (North Korea) against Japan.

“A missile fell about 20 kilometers off the coast of Oga, in the territorial waters of Japan,” said a voice that sounded in another loudspeaker.

“The damage is still unknown, so please continue to take refuge in the gym.”

After the drills, the government would like to thank the participants in the sports hall, and so carefully avoided specific mention of North Korea.

“The government is doing its best to establish peace efforts with other countries that do not become a target missile,” said Chief Cabinet Atsushi Odani.

“If they fire missiles, self-defense forces will try to shoot down,” added Atsushi referring to the Japanese armed forces.

Defense system

Japan is preparing against the threat of ballistic missiles.

Early this March, the State Sakura guided missile destroyers from the US, Japan and South Korea participate in trilateral naval exercise. They focused on improving anti-missile defense.

Warships using Aegis missile defense system deployed for early detection of missile threats.

The ships also fired a ballistic missile interceptors to attack early in the flight, or send tracking data to the ship along the flight path of ballistic missiles that can be destroyed when it reaches its highest point.

Nevertheless, Amazing Facts Japanese and allied militaries closely with the United States and South Korea can not stop North Korea fired four ballistic missile early March.

Tokyo government said three of the four missiles launched from North Korea on March 6 landed in the sea less than 200 miles or about 370 kilometers of Oga, on a peninsula west coast of Japan.

Despite UN resolutions prohibiting North Korea  from developing nuclear weapons and ballistic missile technology, in 2016 Pyongyang conducted at least two nuclear tests and fired more than a dozen missiles.